Apple “Tablet” on eBay

Joseph DeRuvo is a professional photographer who couldn’t wait for Apple to make a Tablet so he built one himself. He’s been…

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The UMPCs are coming

Bill Gates and Intel CEO Paul Otellini set the stage last year with discussion about the Haiku and Ruby ultra-mobile prototypes. These…

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Building a virtual cubicle

In the latest OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast (#12) Marc Orchant described how office work is changing due to workers having to…

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This week on jkOnTheRun

Top Stories: Paperless Challenge Podcast Part 2 is available CoPilot live 6 GPS for the Treo 700w Freeware of the Moment- RoboForm…

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SplashBlog rocks!

I had the good fortune to meet John Chaffee last year in Miami. John is the President of SplashData, the company behind…

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