Do Consumers Care Where Their Content Is Stored?

Reading Om's piece on Pogoplug this week, I started to think about how local network storage and cloud storage are becoming indistinguishable to the end user. While it's not technically cloud storage, Pogoplug allows you to placeshift by accessing your locally stored content through the cloud, making anywhere access to content much simpler.…

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Cisco Acquires Pure Digital

In March 2009, Cisco announced its intention to acquire Pure Digital, a manufacturer of low-cost digital video cameras. This note examines why Cisco would choose to acquire Pure Digital, a large departure from its past consumer-focused acquisitions.…

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Incumbents vs. Innovation: The Online Video Battle

Much in the way we saw (and continue to see) the big players in music struggle to stay ahead of technology innovators, incumbents in video entertainment are having a difficult time staying ahead of pesky upstarts like Boxee. This week, the freeware media center startup has found yet another way to sidestep maneuvers by Hulu to block its software from getting feeds of the NBC/News Corp. joint venture's highly desirable premium content. This shows a couple things: first, the continued ability to show Hulu and other premium content is really one of the core appeals of Boxee. Secondly, Boxee may be proving itself, even as it shows its resourcefulness as a company, to be too much of a tinkerer's solution for those of us who simply like to watch TV without much effort.…

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