Is Pay-Per-Use for Broadband Inevitable?

Two decades ago Tim Berners-Lee invented the browser, HTML, and the web, but things took off six years later when America Online switched from pay-by-the minute dial-up to unlimited flat-rate plans, causing usage per sub to more than triple. But pay-per use is coming back.…

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Why Broadband Changes Everything

Consumers are using the Internet more often for more things, such as voice communication and streaming video, according to the Cisco Systems Visual Networking Index Study. Peak hours, when Internet traffic is up to 72 percent higher than average, could soon become the new prime time.…

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E-books and White Spaces on the Rise in Q3

Amid other announcements, two specific areas of the connected consumer industry had especially significant developments in the third quarter: e-books and TV-band white spaces. And as we discuss in a new report at GigaOM Pro, developments in these areas could have tremendous effect on the industry.…

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