Is Verizon’s Cloud Pricing Too Complex to Succeed?

It’s not that I have a one-track mind pointed directly at cloud computing, but week after week the paradigm dominates discussions around cutting-edge infrastructure. This week, for example saw several new players — some of them rather large companies — step into the cloud ring with entirely new platforms. LongJump announced its all-inclusive PaaS offering; Computer Sciences Corp. said it will be launching an enterprise- and federal-grade cloud; Contegix introduced Zeus, its managed-hosting-style cloud; Akamai outlined its cloud strategy; and Tibco previewed its upcoming cloud application platform, Silver. But it’s Verizon Business, which took the wraps off its cloud service called, fittingly, Computing as a Service, that has me asking the most questions.…

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Social Networks Need to Grin and Bear Infrastructure Costs

The good news for popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they keep on growing and keep on raising more money. The bad news is that continued growth means more money pumped into their infrastructures just to keep up. The real irony here is that, while social networks are cutting-edge web-based services, there is little symbiosis with the other cutting-edge web-based paradigm getting lots of attention lately: cloud computing. Social network sites can’t look to the cloud to help them solve their infrastructural woes.…

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Why Google Fail ≠ Cloud Fail

It has been a rough week for the mighty Google, whose relatively brief outages have been analyzed at a level generally reserved for presidential elections – even bringing some conspiracy theories out of the woodwork. Not surprisingly, cloud computing as a paradigm continues to catch a lot of shrapnel from these attacks on Google. But if you ask me, that’s undeserved: Google’s basic suite of cloud services are not the equivalent of commercial-grade SaaS offerings, nor is Google’s underlying architecture a cloud of the ilk large companies would use, and they should not be talked about as such.…

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Cloud Momentum Building in D.C.

The federal government's adoption of cloud computing is a lot like a boulder resting on a hill. It takes some work to get it moving, but once it starts, momentum makes stopping it a seemingly impossible task. This week should serve as a fair warning that it’s about to start rolling.…

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Social Media in the Enterprise

The enterprise social software market is emerging as one of the fastest growing areas of enterprise applications. As a young market it is full of small and dynamic players but existing enterprise vendors in the content management, communications, and CRM markets are taking notice. Social software is poised to not only disrupt existing enterprise application markets but also organizations and markets by flattening information flows. As users shift to new modes of communicating on the open web, they are pulling these new models into the enterprise and ushering in cultural and organizational change. This report covers the underlying technological trends, the market and its drivers, and a competitive overview of the vendors.…

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