Social Networks Need to Grin and Bear Infrastructure Costs

The good news for popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they keep on growing and keep on raising more money. The bad news is that continued growth means more money pumped into their infrastructures just to keep up. The real irony here is that, while social networks are cutting-edge web-based services, there is little symbiosis with the other cutting-edge web-based paradigm getting lots of attention lately: cloud computing. Social network sites can’t look to the cloud to help them solve their infrastructural woes.…

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Why Google Fail ≠ Cloud Fail

It has been a rough week for the mighty Google, whose relatively brief outages have been analyzed at a level generally reserved for presidential elections – even bringing some conspiracy theories out of the woodwork. Not surprisingly, cloud computing as a paradigm continues to catch a lot of shrapnel from these attacks on Google. But if you ask me, that’s undeserved: Google’s basic suite of cloud services are not the equivalent of commercial-grade SaaS offerings, nor is Google’s underlying architecture a cloud of the ilk large companies would use, and they should not be talked about as such.…

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