Tablet adoption in the enterprise

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  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. GigaOM survey results
  4. Tablet adoption successes
  5. Adoption roadblocks
  6. Conclusion
  7. Key takeaways
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According to GigOM’s 2013 IT Buyer’s Survey, Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tablet support has yet to take off within the enterprise sector as a whole. IT leaders reported that tablet support (in terms of company reimbursement or subsidies) ranks lower than mobile or laptop support. IT leaders also reported that email, teleconferencing, and file sharing were the most common tablet applications promoted. This indicates a relative lack of knowledge of tablet app relevancy for productivity or growth gains.

However, the financial services sector has a BYOD tablet adoption of nearly 50 percent, several times the adoption rate of the next closest industry. Employees in the financial services industry see great value from tablets due to the nature of their face-to-face work. This sector is focused on making tablets a viable workspace for completing tasks faster and with greater visual performance for client presentations. Other sectors that are client-focused, such as health care and the public sector, are also experiencing greater uptake in tablet adoption. Though there are still significant roadblocks, we can expect tablet adoption and support to increase when more targeted enterprise apps are available.

This report will examine the most common uses of tablets in enterprise, sectors in which tablets have been most widely adopted, adoption roadblocks, and drivers for further adoption.

Key findings from this report include:

  • Tablets are currently underutilized in the enterprise space. This underutilization is most likely due to misconceptions around security and a lack of knowledge of BYOD tablet integration in the workplace.
  • Enterprise tablet security has advanced considerably and offers significant protection in the case of tablet theft or other compromises.
  • Workspace aggregation is an emerging concept worthy of further consideration by IT leaders.
  • The financial services industry leads in BYOD adoption, mostly due to needs for interactive digital presentations, point-of-sale transactions, and mobile communications connectivity. Other industries such as health care and public services are also increasingly adopting tablet use. As more relevant apps become available, we may see greater adoption in the near future.

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