Survey: strategic cloud IT buyers

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  1. Summary
  2. Cloud adoption and workload migration
  3. Attitudes and motivation
  4. Key takeaways
  5. Survey methodology
  6. About Laura Stuart


Some IT buyers think about cloud computing more strategically than others.

In a second-quarter 2014 Gigaom Research survey of 500 IT decision-makers at large U.S. companies, we identified these strategic buyers as those who report using cloud resources for new business and revenue streams as opposed to those who don’t. Technology decision-makers inside and outside of IT departments can compare their own company’s practices with those surveyed and benchmark themselves against these strategic cloud adopters.

Findings in this report include:

  • The plurality (47 percent) of IT decision-makers at big U.S. companies is using the cloud in the near term for necessary but non-revenue generating IT functions. Meanwhile, nearly 30 percent are strategic cloud buyers looking to drive new businesses and revenue streams.
  • Strategic buyers say their firms are both more dependent on cloud today and planning to implement more cloud technologies in the future. This greater use of cloud crosses multiple application and technology areas.
  • The strategic buyers are more likely to see business agility and competitive advantage as primary drivers of cloud use. Other IT buyers, meanwhile, more often seek cost savings. Both groups perceive security as the main inhibitor to cloud adoption. The strategic buyers are more likely to see cost and pricing as well as complexity, bandwidth, and interoperability as inhibitors to the adoption of cloud.
  • Strategic buyers are more likely to see hybrid and public clouds as integral to their organizations’ strategy while nonstrategic buyers more often look to private clouds.

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