De-Duplicating the Storage Industry

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. News Timeline as of June 10, 2009
  3. Strategic Rationale for NetApp
  4. Strategic Rationale for EMC
  5. Strategic Rationale for Other Potential Bidders
  6. Strategic Rationale for Data Domain
  7. Potential Outcomes
  8. Customer Perspective
  9. Technology Background
    1. Problem Addressed by Storage Efficiency Technology
    2. Solution Sweet Spot and Use Cases
    3. Solution Limitations and Complications
  10. Data Domain SWOT Analysis


Companies are rolling out storage efficiency technology as fast as they can since that technology helps delay and avoid additional capital expenditures that would otherwise be needed to accommodate ongoing data growth. Data Domain is the leader in storage efficiency and therefore represents an attractive target to larger storage OEMs that are driving the consolidation of the industry. This note examines the strategic rationale of the deal for the different potential acquirers as well as for Data Domain, elaborates on what the deal means for customers, and puts Data Domain’s offerings in the context of storage efficiency technologies and trends.

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