What is Work Chat?

Work Chat is a category of apps that support communications in your organization, whether they offer simple chat functionality or more.…

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What is Serverless Computing?

Serverless computing is a model that enables code to run on cloud-based infrastructure without requiring it to be allocated to a server (virtual or physical).…

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What is a Generative Adversarial Network?

A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a neural network that, after being trained to understand the structure of a given type of data, can generate new, realistic examples of it.…

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What is NFV/VNF?

The virtualization of network functions that are traditionally handled by purpose-built appliances.…

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What is Edge Computing?

The practice of placing, processing power near the “edge” of a network, so that data can be processed locally, before entering a Wide Area Network.…

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What is a Work Platform?

An online platform facilitating employment, and connecting labor to demand directly, through individual users.…

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