Jason Benedicic

Guest Contributor


Jason is an independent consultant, based in Cambridge, UK. Jason works with customers to design and implement IT solutions that meet a variety of needs, including backup, virtualization, cloud adoption, and application modernisation. He is an expert in building and managing public cloud services and private/hybrid cloud infrastructure.

He has additional experience in Agile processes, the Software Development Lifecycle, and CI/CD pipelines. Jason is comfortable working in all areas of business from sales cycle through to support. Jason can communicate at all levels throughout your business and tailor messaging accordingly. He has additional interests in Digital Ethics, Influencing, Marketing, Strategy, and Business Processes.

Outside of the technology industry, Jason enjoys all forms of gaming, ranging from classic table-top to online RPGs. Jason has been a raider in World of Warcraft for the last 16 years and continues to push current end-game content with his guild. Along-side that he enjoys the varied activities in Destiny 2, where you can find him in the latest raid or crucible matches with my clan. He is also a keen cyclist.