Michael Petch

Michael Petch

Michael Petch
Author & Analyst

Michael Petch is the author of several books on additive manufacturing and a regular writer for Autodesk’s LineSpaceShape and

Michael began his career in London, UK with a leading financial services company where he was actively involved in advising clients including hedge funds and innovative technology companies. He then commenced work as an analyst for large investment bank and since 2010 has offered private consulting services.

Clients range from those in the manufacturing industries to Blockchain 2.0 and sustainable energy technology. In this role he has written a number of white papers addressing areas including nanotechnology, Industry 4.0 and advanced materials.

Michael is a frequent guest at international conferences and has previously given keynote speeches on areas including the use of graphene and nano-materials in 3D printing and also the economic and social implications of frontier technologies.

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