Mark Halverson

Mark Halverson

Mark Halverson
Precision Autonomy

”Embracing technology and innovation is one of the few ways to put humans back at the center.”

Mark Halverson is the CEO of Precision Autonomy whose mission is to make unmanned and autonomous vehicles a safe reality. Precision Autonomy operates at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics employing crowdsourcing and 3 dimensional augmented reality to allow UAVs and other unmanned vehicles to operate more autonomously. Precision Autonomy has developed an ‘On Purpose’ infrastructure ensuring machines operate in a transparent, predictable, and auditable way; always keeping human needs at the center. Mark has over 25 years of consulting experience working with the world’s largest corporations shaping strategies embracing innovation and disruption. He spent 4 years living and working in Tokyo seeing how technology and robotics integrates with the society and how robots are central to the most rapidly aging demography in the world. Mark sits on multiple AI and Robotics ethics panels and is passionate about embracing innovation to put Humans back at the center.

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