What is AIOps?

The use of machine learning technology to automate IT operations.


What it is: AIOps refers to the use of machine learning to enhance IT operations. AIOps tools differ in the degree to which AI is integral to their functioning. Some are upgraded versions of legacy ops tools that leverage AI here and there, and others are full-fledged systematic applications.

What it does: Some AIOps tools simply offer advanced forms of monitoring, using analysis of machine learning data to offer alerts to IT teams, apprising them of anomalies. At the other end of the spectrum, some can correct issues automatically and learn from their correction, becoming ever more acquainted with the challenges of their specific environment.

Why it matters: Enterprise environments are, in general, becoming more complex. Firms of every size are exploring multi-cloud, and digitizing more and more of their processes. These complex environments are more difficult to monitor and optimize. AIOps promises to get ahead of this difficulty.

What to do about it: Consider AIOps platforms if your IT operations are becoming snarled by the complexity of your environment. Additionally, if you’re expanding your environment (adopting more cloud services, or moving to a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud configuration) consider deploying AIOps as a preventative measure, to help IT keep up with the change.

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