The Business Case for Low-Code Tools

Bridging the Gap in Application Development

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What it Does

Enable developers and business users to rapidly create web, mobile and cloud applications, using a simple visual or model-driven interface.

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  • Up to 5x faster to create applications than traditional development
  • Can cut costs for some projects by up to 50%
  • Tangible Year-1 ROI – e.g. $500,000 saved
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Do it now if struggling to gain momentum in digital projects due to skill shortages and bottlenecks.

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Risk Level

Low: risks of sprawl/ proliferation, security and governance can be managed.

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30/60/90 Plan

Incorporate assessment and level setting, pursue business and IT buy-in, and establish training and metrics development.

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Time to Value

It should be feasible to see results from an initial project within 90 days.

What Are the Benefits of Low-Code Tools?

As digital programs accelerate, few organizations can resource all potential digital initiatives, with development teams being a frequent bottleneck. Low-code applications are flexible by nature, and can be changed as business needs evolve. Although not all applications are suitable for this approach, resulting benefits of implementing a low-code tool are:

  • Increased business productivity. Adoption can increase business growth and customer satisfaction by speeding creation of new digital applications. Some organizations have reported a 5x increase in productivity over traditional approaches.

  • Reduced development costs. This approach can reduce IT spend on professional development resources, potentially cutting costs for some projects by up to 50%. Time freed up in this way can also improve the productivity of development teams.

  • Tangible Year-1 ROI. An FMCG company building mobile applications for its field-based staff with low-code tools saved $500,000 in the first year of implementation, and $2 million overall

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