The Business Case for Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization Helps Deliver Long-Term Value Alongside the Benefits of Running Your Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud

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What it Does

  • Enables organizations to reap the long-term value and benefits of running your applications and infrastructure in the cloud.
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  • Reduction in overall costs in the range of 10% to 30%, if deployed correctly.
  • Up to 4X faster in creating and deploying next-gen cloud native products.
  • Positive ROI can be realized in 18 months to 36 months.
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  • Do it now if you are struggling to stay competitive in the marketplace, want to drive revenue, or reduce IT costs.
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Risk Level

  • LOW: Risks of sprawl/proliferation, security, and governance can be managed.
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30/60/90 Plan

  • 30/60/90 Plan incorporates crafting high-level cloud strategy, assessment and level setting, business and IT buy-in, training, and metrics setting.
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Time to Value

  • It should be feasible to see results from an initial project within 90 days.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Modernization?

Cloud migration is the process of moving a company’s digital assets (applications, infrastructure, databases, services, and IT resources) to the cloud to enable strategic and transformation growth, yet some approach it the same as most technology efforts—siloed and transactional. The cloud migration journey is cost and time-intensive, but alone it does not deliver transformative outcomes. Its transactional—often it gets scoped down to a lift-and-shift engagement and becomes not much more than a data center move.

A cloud modernization approach requires a mindset shift. It goes beyond the migration of applications and infrastructure in the cloud to look holistically from the business outcomes point of view. It leverages cloud architecture and capabilities to drive new business opportunities, develop new capabilities, process automation, accelerate product development, and increase the pace of innovation and learning.

Benefits of cloud modernization go beyond just cost reduction and speed:

  • Cloud operating model: Most efficient cloud operating models leverage analytics, automation, and AI with savings of approximately 30% to 50% in ongoing run operations.
  • Easy to consume (increased agility, flexibility, and productivity): Standardized services that can be provisioned in minutes in an as-a-service model, saving 50% approximately in start-up time.
  • Ability to innovate faster: Deployment of ideas from inception to production becomes 4X faster.
  • Cost reduction: When deployed correctly, organizations have realized cloud cost savings of 10% to 30%
  • Secure and compliant: Security and compliance are built in at the core to protect application workloads and data.

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