The value of co-creation

The teams at Rally Software and Getty Images demonstrate that co-creation is not only possible, but likely necessary, to be a success in business today. As they show, co-creation helps reduce barriers between what a business needs and what it can get from its suppliers.…

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Smartsheet helps transform a school district

Something as simple as Smartsheet's cloud-enabled spreadsheets can greatly improve communication in the workplace, allowing everyone to see how different steps in a project relate to manpower, timing, and other resources. The Oshkosh, Wisconsin School District provides a useful example of Smartsheet's capabilities.…

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Go ahead, bring those holiday gadgets to work

IBM recently announced new social networking and collaboration mobile apps -- specifically designed to support enterprise needs around consumer mobile devices. IBM aims to bring social networking, real-time collaboration, and online meeting capabilities from behind the company firewall and into the hands of tablet users.…

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Are annual performance reviews passé?

Our product life cycles are getting shorter -- putting more pressure on how quickly we can form teams and work effectively across teams. At the same time, team members are often working apart or on-the-go. Managers need support, and performance management platforms, such as Rypple, aim to help.…

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