Chasing cord-nevers

While Intel was never able to get its ambitious OnCue OTT service off the ground, Verizon, which acquired the OnCue assets in January, may be closer to succeeding by refocusing the service on mobile devices.…

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Apple pays on time

Contrary to its popular image, Apple's successes have more often come from fixing what's broken than from building anew. And that puts today's credit card payment system right in Apple's wheelhouse.…

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4K confusion

With the industry now preparing to make the leap from HD to 4K Ultra-HD a pair of announcements this week at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin suggested we could be in for more DRM drama.…

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FCC: Neutralizing competition

The FCC's new CTO has argued for an approach to net neutrality that is more concerned with restraining anti-competitive behavior in network management and rent-seeking by ISPs than with the open-access, innovation or free-speech aspects of the current debate.…

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Online video courts TV dollars

Now there is more premium video content and ad inventory available online, and brand marketers are starting to experiment with digital techniques to capture the efficiencies and targeting ability offered by programmatic buying, particularly as audiences fragment across screens.…

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Comcast’s burden

None of those purported public-interest benefits of Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable is any more transaction-specific than the objections raised by opponents.…

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