FCC moving closer to Title II?

It's clear from his responses to Verizon and AT&T, however, that Wheeler is skeptical of their apocalyptic warnings about the dire impact on future broadband investment that would ensue from reclassification.…

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The mis-measure of Netflix

In Netflix's subscription-based on-demand world, viewership is cumulative. Measuring it at any given point in time might give you a number, but that number has little correlation with the content's value to Netflix.…

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Regulating peering

One of the most puzzling aspects of the peering disputes that have arisen -- principally between Netflix and a handful of the largest ISPs -- is how little money appears to be involved.…

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Neutral no more

Now that Barack Obama has put his clear personal stamp on net neutrality, even Republicans who wouldn't know Title II from the Tidal Basin, will be utterly, eternally and vocally opposed to reclassification.…

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Sports report: Conflict ahead

As sports viewing increasingly goes over-the-top and mobile, taking the traditional broadcast audience with it, big-ticket, broadcast-only rights deals are going to grow increasingly problematic for the broadcasters.…

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