How Free Changed the Navigation Game Forever

Free and bundled mobile navigation services are bringing once-pricey turn-by-turn services to the masses, and the masses are responding in a big way. That's the upshot of a new study which found that the number of mobile users utilizing turn-by-turn navigation on their handset increased.…

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Sony Prices Google TV to Sell; Will People Buy?

Sony unveiled a new family of Google TV-powered TVs and a Blu-ray player, pricing the hardware with an eye toward selling consumers on the benefits of marrying the full Internet with TV. The announcement came one week after Logitech announced its Google TV-powered Revue set-top box.…

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5 Ways Windows Phone 7 Could Bite Into Android

Having spent time with Windows Phone 7 and hearing from executives, I think if Microsoft executes well -- and that's a big if considering this is a first release -- Windows Phone 7 could bite into the growth of Android and regain significant ground in the smartphone space.…

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The Future of Social Games is Mobile

Japanese social platform maker DeNA is snapping up mobile game maker Ngmoco, continuing a run of acquisitions in the social gaming space. The deal reflects the growing interest in social gaming and underscores how important mobile is for gaming as it is for all web services.…

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Carriers: Bring on the Mobile OS Wars

In the past, operators have looked to limit the number of operating systems they sell. The carriers are seeing that smartphone competition can be good for them, helping them reassert their power, which has been checked by the rise of the iPhone and app marketplaces.…

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Windows Phone 7 Manufacturers Ready to Go

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 handsets from nine manufacturers that will run on 60 carriers in 30 countries worldwide, including Verizon and Sprint next year in the U.S. Here's the list of what's launching in each country and on which carriers.…

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