EA Lands Angry Birds Publisher Chillingo

Electronic Arts bought UK mobile game publisher Chillingo, which distributes the break-out hit Angry Birds. The deal, rumored to be worth $20 million, comes almost a year after EA bought Playfish for $400 million and extends EA's move into more social and mobile games.…

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Are QR Codes Ready for Their Close-Up?

QR codes are still waiting for their break-out moment. But the 2D barcodes, which trigger URLs or information when scanned, continue to gather quiet momentum that could finally tap into the potential of the technology. Here's a look at some of the latest developments.…

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Android Ad Impressions Surge While Revenue Eclipses iPhone

iOS remained the top operating system on Millennial Media's ad network in September, but for the first time, Android revenue eclipsed iPhone-only revenue. The figures show that Apple is still in the driver seat with 46 percent of smartphone operating system impressions, though its dominance continues to erode.…

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Zong Offers Android Devs In-App Purchasing Tool

Developers looking to make a buck on Android in-app purchases will be heartened to hear that Papaya Mobile is the first to deploy Zong's in-app payment system for its social gaming platform. The deal opens a new era for Android developers waiting for in-app purchase solutions.…

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Google Dominates Mobile Searches on the iPhone

Google represents 97 percent of mobile searches on the iPhone, according to Chitika Research, with 49.08 percent of searches coming through the Safari tool bar, 42.24 percent coming from its home page and other minor sources and 8.68 percent from its dedicated Google app.…

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