7 stories to read this weekend

Selfies, Selfies and more selfies: so much so it is the word of the year and in order to celebrate and understand the concept of selfie, I decided to curate seven of the best pieces I have read around selfies.…

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Whose (Instagram) ad is it anyway?

Instagram started experimenting with advertising recently. It is only following what its members have already started doing - embedding commercial messages into instagrams they share. It might pose an interesting challenge for the photo network.…

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7 Stories to read this weekend

The Internet Unpluggers, Somalia’s Pirate King, How Couchsurfing fell on hard times, Rock star scientist Pardis Sabeti, the rise of Robots and the fall of the House of Moon are all on the menu this week. Enjoy!…

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How much Kno sold for & why it failed

Kno, launched with much fanfare, raised nearly $100 million in venture capital and debt, only to find out that the world of education didn't care much for the company's products or for that matter the company itself. It crash landed at Intel last weekend.…

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