How to Charm a VC Into Mentoring You

VCs are good for more than just their money. If you play your cards right, you can take advantage of their vast business knowledge and impressive contact list on their BlackBerry phones. These steps will help you go from outsider to VIP.…

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Net:Work 2010: Live Coverage

Today, at our first-ever Net:Work event, we're talking to the people developing the technology, addressing new management practices, and making online collaboration work in their own companies. Our livestream begins at 8:15 a.m. PT, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions throughout the day.…

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NewTeeVee Live 2010: Live Coverage

With the rise of cord-cutting, streaming TV, and the app-ification of TV, the online video industry is changing dramatically. That's why the theme of our fourth annual NewTeeVee Live event is Television Reinvented. Watch the livestream and follow the live blog here, starting at 8:15 am PT.…

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HTML5 Transfers Application Power from Server to Browser

However much CSS3 matters to Adobe and to the legions of web designers, it’s not an industry-transforming technology. For that, you have to look at the other parts of HTML5 standards that deal with data storage and persistence, specifically: HTML5 webSQL, local storage and cache manifests.…

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Praise the Super Angels for Taking Risks Few Others Will

As the debate rages on about the role of "super angels" in the success or failure of startups, Scott Sandell of venture capital firm NEA suggests that, as funding sources shrink and venture capital firms disappear, we should celebrate these investors instead of vilifying them.…

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