Sector RoadMap: Content personalization in 2013

Content owners, whether they are publishers, retailers, or marketers, are always looking for new ways to deliver a unique experience to their customers. We call this content personalization. Key trends in this area are led by a collection of technologies that we call post-programming curation. These technologies use the best of behavioral tracking, collaborative filtering, audience targeting, and dynamic content presentation.…

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Monetizing music in the post-scarcity age

On-demand streaming is only one part of a much broader transition taking place in the digital music industry: the shift from analog media business models to the age of digital consumption. This research note discusses that shift in light of the current music industry, where the iTunes digital download leads the market but will not necessarily lead the future. Simply put, the audio file alone is no longer the product. Instead, the experiences built around it are, and as we discuss here, services like Spotify, Facebook, Topspin and others are leading the way into this new era of dynamic, interactive and social music.…

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