The evolving mobile network: from slide-deck presentations to deployment

Cisco's VNI graph shows mobile data growing 18 times over the next five years, and it makes a strong case for the need of mobile networks to evolve to reflect the transition from voice- to data-centric usage models. Yet to make these fundamental changes in operating networks, it is crucial to move beyond compelling graphics and understand what requirements new usage models impose on the network infrastructure. To successfully address the increase in data traffic, operators need to act on multiple fronts, because no single solution will be sufficient in isolation.…

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Mobile industry 2012 segment analysis

Few industries change at the pace mobile does. Whether it's the iPhone 5, the importance of LTE, or BYOD trends disrupting the enterprise, there are always new technologies, trends, and companies changing the way we define mobile. Here, GigaOM Pro highlights a few segments of the mobile industry that will be important to watch in the coming months.…

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The future of Wi-Fi in the enterprise

Wi-Fi is the technology that has first brought wireless broadband to the market — both among residential users and in the enterprise. Despite the fast adoption of mobile broadband, Wi-Fi still is the only or predominant wireless access technology today for most of us. Wi-Fi has shown a remarkable ability to evolve, to meet increasingly higher expectations and requirements, and to become pervasively adopted in mobile devices.…

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The mobile backhaul market, 2011-2012: more innovation, greater competition

Massive growth in data traffic driven by smartphone adoption and usage, coupled with more spectrally efficient air interfaces such as HSPA+ or LTE, have added increased pressure on backhaul requirements, turning a once boring business into an exciting space. More exacting requirements and greater competition will ultimately enable more growth prospects over the next few years. We also expect to see increased adoption of wireless backhaul worldwide, with PMP and E-band technologies delivering increasingly attractive and cost-effective solutions for the new LTE networks. Companies mentioned in this report include BLiNQ, Cambridge Broadband Networks and Siklu. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.…

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Finding new solutions for the new age of wireless networks

Mobile operators face an unprecedented growth in data traffic stemming from multiple dimensions — subscribers, devices and applications among them. But simply adding more macro base stations or upgrading to new technologies such as LTE will not suffice to meet the data growth challenge. An alternative solution is to take advantage of heterogeneous networks, which are the result of increasing capacity in congested areas while leveraging the existing macro infrastructure across the network. These networks provide operators with a more flexible set of tools that will allow them to implement deep changes in how they think about and deploy their networks. This report explores the opportunities and challenges, and includes a look at what's to come in the future as wireless data traffic continues to grow. Companies mentioned in this report include AT&T, T-Mobile and Motorola. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.…

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