Yahoo Quashes Groups Redesign in Wake of User Backlash

Yahoo recently announced a number of product tweaks to modernize and standardize its products, including stalwarts like Yahoo Groups. But amidst complaints about user privacy, Yahoo rolled back the redesign entirely last week, and promised to tread much more carefully as it explores any further changes.…

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Mobilize 2010: To NFC or Not to NFC

On a panel of mobile payments providers at GigaOM's Mobilize 2010, everyone was happy to agree that mobile payments are finally getting their day in the sun due to the growth of smartphones, mobile application platforms, and the sheer market size of 5 billion phones.…

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Evri Puts Content Filtering in its True Place: Mobile

Real-time content discovery startup Evri is turning its focus to a mobile strategy, and on Thursday at our Mobilize conference, the company will launch five Android and iPhone applications that drill down on specific content interests: celebrity gossip, technology, baseball, football and rock music.…

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Peanut Labs Acquired by e-Rewards

Peanut Labs is announcing today it's been acquired by e-Rewards, owner of Research Now. The two companies both perform online data collection, Peanut Labs by getting users to complete market research surveys in exchange for virtual credits on services like Pogo, RockYou, Playdom.…

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AngelGate Principals Move On to Damage Control

There were high expectations among attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt that last week's "AngelGate" would come to a head today. That didn't happen. All the involved parties now seem to be chanting the mantra that the focus should return to startups, entrepreneurs and innovation.…

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Pincus: The Web Will Become More Like Zynga

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus got lobbed some softballs this morning at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference by his investors at Kleiner Perkins. But he did give up some specific metrics about how his very metrics-driven company runs, and he talked about the larger themes at stake.…

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