What’s Next for Posterous: Geo, Groups, Premium

Posterous, the email-based blogging platform, aims to keep things simple and easy to use, but it can't resist adding new more advanced features such as increased support for groups, premium accounts for businesses, proximity-based geoblogs, and a better bookmarklet to bring in outside content.…

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Esther Dyson: Privacy Is a Marketing Problem

In light of recent outcry about social networking privacy lapses and potential misuse of users' personal information, long-time web thought leader Esther Dyson had this to say at the marketing conference Pivot in New York City today: online privacy a marketing problem.…

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Google Shows Thin Skin, Pushes Back on Criticism

Google today on its quarterly earnings call broke out some numbers that it doesn't historically give (and doesn't promise to give in the future): revenue and monetization rates for display, video and mobile advertising. The intent was to show that Google isn't just a search company.…

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Facebook Credits Nearly Ready for Primetime

Facebook has done a remarkable job of getting developers to adopt its Credits virtual currency before the program was fully fledged. Today, the company announced a partnership with PlaySpan to add 20 additional ways for users to pay for credits and plans to accelerate rollout.…

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Bing Launches Facebook Instant Personalization

Microsoft today launched social search features for Bing created in partnership with Facebook. The two companies are teaming up to take on their common enemy, Google. The implementations are basic, but significant because they will automatically show up to all users of both Bing and Facebook.…

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