The new IT manager, part 1: trends affecting IT in business

The tables have turned for information technology (IT) managers. In even the largest businesses, IT used to be able to dictate not only which computing assets would be used by employees but also how they would be used. Those days are numbered in large part because of three trends that are converging on organizations and their IT departments: cloud computing, mobile computing and the consumerization of IT.…

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The role of organizations, individuals and managers in the new workplace

The world of work has slowly but steadily changed over the past two decades, to the point where the word “work” itself has shifted from a noun denoting the place we went to do our job to a verb that describes the act of performing tasks. The phrase “I’m going to work” is now more likely to mean entering a state of activity than a physical place. This shift is affecting how work is designed, assigned and completed. Key to that are the roles of the organizations, managers and individual workers. This research note examines how those groups are evolving and what they should do to better align with the new realities of work. Companies mentioned in this research note include Eli Lilly, Li & Fung and LinkedIn. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.…

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Defining work in the digital age: an analysis by GigaOM Pro

The future of work is already here. It is just already distributed, one might say. The freelance economy, microtasking, mobile workers, coworking spaces, crowdsourcing: All of these point to how work is increasingly shifting from the twentieth-century model of Taylorism (think scientific management applied to labor processes such as assembly-line production and fixed workplaces) to a more flexible, hyperspecialized and connected workforce. This report examines the new world of work, from the devices and software services we use to the growing role of social media, the importance of a group-centric mentality and how the roles of employees, managers and organizations are evolving.…

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