TuneIn Radio: Local Radio on Your Smartphone

If you're like me you may not listen to local radio much anymore, with all the online music options available. Sometimes listening to a favorite local radio station is just the ticket, especially when traveling and feeling a bit homesick. TuneIn Radio is a free app.…

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Google Has 60,000 Chrome Notebooks to Share

Google announced a program for Chrome OS yesterday, and it's clear they mean business as the company has taken delivery of 60,000 of the notebooks. The Cr-48 Chrome notebook that Google demonstrated will be sent to chosen applicants to test Chrome OS on the unbranded notebook.…

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How to Get the Most of Voice Input on Android

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) may be coming with new capabilities, but Froyo (Android 2.2) already has a feature that's under-utilized by most users. Google has included sophisticated voice input technology in Froyo that can turn handling an Android phone into a largely hands-free experience…

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Google Books for Android — a Review

Google opened its e-book store today and released a reader app for Android today. Google Books is a no-frills app as is common with Google's first efforts, but it handles the basic tasks well. A cool feature lets you read books from the original scanned page.…

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