Does Apple Even Want to Build a Social Network?

As it stands now, Ping is explicitly about selling music on the iTunes store. And while the new service is making us wonder whether Apple could build a viable social network, perhaps the real question is, "Does Apple want to build a real social network?"…

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Ping: A Social Network Inside a Walled Garden

Whether by design or accident, Ping's lack of integration with other social networks, or even with the web itself, is now its most compelling feature — at least from a strategic perspective. It's essentially an e-commerce platform for music disguised as a social network.…

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Want to Build Workplace 2.0? Embrace Smartphones.

As employees bring their personal devices to work, corporate information technology departments have an opportunity to embrace the benefits of consumer technology in the form of lightweight and transient enterprise apps aimed at employee smartphones. This will enhance collaboration and usher the next generation workplace.…

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How to Make Google Matter in Social Media

Google has had its share of social media flops, and many smart analysts now think the search just doesn’t have “social” in its nature. But the company's announcement last week of real-time search shows what exactly Google should do to remain relevant in social media.…

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