Survey: Weigh in on the state of Twitter

Twitter is at a crossroads: It's inarguably a mainstream communications technology at this point, but it's also generating controversy around its developer and user policies as it expands. Join us in sharing thoughts on Twitter’s role in the industry — both now and in the future.…

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Weigh in on Facebook’s future prospects

With Facebook’s IPO scheduled for later this week, we decided to poll GigaOM readers and other technology watchers on the company’s longer-term prospects. So put the immediate future out of your mind, and think about how Facebook might evolve in the next 2 to 5 years.…

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A near-term outlook for big data

Big data now touches everything from enterprises and hospitals to smart-meter startups and connected devices in the home. Hadoop, meanwhile, is fast becoming the leading tool to analyze that data, and there is the ever-lingering question of privacy and how we, the technology industry, are responsible for teaching ethical ways to collect and regulate our data. This report, composed of eight different sections each written by a GigaOM Pro analyst, offers insights on what to consider when it comes to big data decisions for your business.…

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New solutions for the new era of TV interfaces

It will take more than a five-button remote control to efficiently navigate the new universe of video content now available. That means a new user interface for the video viewing experience is inevitable, and many companies are involved. Here are a few to watch.…

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The pay TV market is still resisting disruption

For all the talk, there’s little evidence that cord cutting, to whatever extent it is actually happening, has loosened the grip of the networks or cable operators on the TV business. If anything, they’ve tightened their hold, as evidence from this last quarter shows.…

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