Rethinking innovation: How to manage ideas systematically

Intense global competition and changing market structures are forcing companies to engage in much more innovation activity. At the same time they are having to address much narrower markets because of the long tail effect. That creates the apparent paradox of broader innovation and narrower innovation. This report defines the terms of the new innovation debate, discusses the key drivers of innovation for large companies, and offers advice on how to manage a more complex process.…

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From car to cloud: the future of the in-vehicle app landscape

Looking ahead to the age of the electric vehicle and the smart grid, the in-vehicle app landscape will take another turn as it becomes a part of the same infrastructure that powers both our homes and offices. The electric car will change the vehicle industry once it reaches critical mass, but when this will happen is currently unclear. In the interim, a battle will take place over who controls the end-user experience among proliferating options.…

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