How to Market Green Gadgets Better

Consumers are peeling back the green labels and examining what makes green gadgets eco-friendly. Few electronics makers revel in this kind of scrutiny, but the smart ones will view it as an opportunity. For electronics makers, green is a potential differentiator in an industry where products in the same device class typically perform comparably. Some even share chipsets and many must adhere to standards set by trade groups and regulatory bodies like the FCC. A "green" marketing campaign can help otherwise unremarkable products stand out from the crowd — but only if done right. I've compiled a few pointers on how to win over green-savvy tech buyers.…

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Smart Meter Security: Not Up To Par

Ask your favorite sysadmins or IT experts about computer security and you're likely to get more of an earful than you bargained for (with a healthy dash of paranoia thrown in for good measure). Why? Because years of outwitting hackers, guarding against malicious code, and bringing infected systems back from the brink have instilled in most of them a cautious and rigorous approach to keeping data (and its users) safe. Not so, it seems, for some smart meter makers.…

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