5 Ways Utilities Can Benefit From Energy Info Displays

Given the monumental challenges in modernizing electrical grids, the last thing utilities need now is bad press. Nonetheless, controversy erupted in the UK last week when the Energy Retail Association (ERA) was accused of lobbying against a requirement to supply a cheap, £15 ($25) digital display along with smart meters. It's a shame that the ERA is taking this stance, frankly. Energy information displays are a drop in the bucket compared to the massive and expensive work required to modernize power grids. Utilities on both sides of the pond should learn from this PR fiasco and concentrate on the opportunities that these dashboards represent. Here's a look at just 5 of those opportunities.…

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Data Center Management: Lessons for the Grid

Utilities are raking in stimulus funds and smart meter manufacturers are working feverishly to imbue the grid with the smarts to redistribute the electrical load down to the household level when consumption rates spike. Envision automatically time shifting that EV charging or dish washing cycle to cheaper overnight hours and you’ve got the idea. It may sound complicated, but efforts to minimize data centers' carbon footprints offer many lessons — and incentives — for just this sort of smart grid innovation.…

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