TechUniversity: Mail 101

Apple's Mail application is a full-featured email client that's included with all copies of OS X. It allows you to send, receive and organize all of your email with ease.…

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TechUniversity: Printer Setup

Adding a printer in OS X is typically a simple task, but we'll show you some extras you might not know about. We'll also walk you through creating printer setting presets so you don't have to go recreate all your settings each time you print.…

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Attend Structure 2010

In two weeks, GigaOM’s flagship conference, Structure 2010, will return to San Francisco -- for two full days. While you could stay in your office and read about cloud computing, here are eight reasons why you should attend Structure 2010 instead.…

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GeoLocal: The Rise of Consumer Location-based Services

Geo-targeting and location-based services are all the rage these days, with a core group of startups already fighting for market share. But Facebook, Google and Twitter are hot on their heels. Here's a look at who offers what, and how they aim to make money.…

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TechUniversity: HTML Signatures in Mail

Apple makes it fairly easy to do basic text formatting for HTML signatures, but using HTML to create more complex signatures requires a bit more work. We'll walk you through, step by step, how to create a custom HTML email signature is Apple's Mail app.…

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