The new economics of enterprise data warehousing

The new economics of data warehousing provide attractive alternatives in both costs and benefits. While big data gets most of the attention, evolved data warehousing will play an important role for the foreseeable future. In order to be relevant, data-warehouse design and operation need to be simplified, taking advantage of greatly improved hardware, software, and methods.…

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Real-time Hadoop queries are now a reality for the cloud

It's clear that most any business can benefit from faster, real-time results from their big data platforms. But real-time analysis requires a significant investment in technology and resources, which is beyond the reach of most businesses. There is hope, however: Big data and the cloud now go hand in hand, at least for the small and medium enterprise markets, which have been able to get into the big data game using cloud services. Now the cloud is beginning to bring even more capability to those looking to leverage big data.…

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Big data growth spirals upward to reach downward

Today, big data and analytics are most widely used in the large enterprise space, where companies have both an abundance of data and the budgets to deploy associated infrastructure. But 80 percent of businesses fall into the SMB category, and there are multiple ways in which companies without the infrastructure or budgets of big players can benefit from big data.…

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