How the Internet Changed Writing in the 2000s

With so much discussion about how the Internet is changing journalism and media, there's surprisingly little said about how writing itself has changed. But as more people have spent more time writing on the Internet this past decade, the way we write has changed significantly.…

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Google's To-Do List for 2010

Every year, dazzled by Google’s massive presence on the web, someone offers a wildly bullish prediction for its stock in the coming year. To which I say: We’ll see. So rather than another set of stock predictions, here's a to-do list for Google in 2010.…

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For Palm, Yet Another Wrenching Crisis

Palm is the Jack Bauer of the mobile industry. It lurches from one crisis to another, saving itself from the jaws of despair only to face some new and more daunting threat. And yet we’ve learned never to write it off as finished.…

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The Case for an AOL Renaissance

Now that AOL has been spun off from Time-Warner, it can write a new chapter for itself. If AOL does several key things right, it has a chance of being successful again. We look at some opportunities, along with the risks each one entails.…

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Does Google Even Understand What News Is?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece this week, set out to argue what has been said a million times before: The Internet isn’t killing news. But while he was stating the obvious, some of his points didn't exactly help Google's case.…

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