The Fall and Rise of Voice

As a growth strategy for the telecom industry, focusing investment on mobility and data services while withdrawing it from wireline voice is doomed to fail. People still depend on voice for the vast majority of their communication needs.…

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Telerupted: Twilight for Telephone Networks

SIP-compatible VoIP devices already account for as much as 20 percent of landline telephone traffic. But mobile telephones will not remain a safe haven for long, as more companies start to offer VoIP alternatives to operator voice plans. Yet the displacement of analog phones by VoIP devices has not displaced the telephone network itself.…

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Here Comes Trouble: Hypertext to Hypercomm

The linked computer files we call the Internet can take many forms, but real-time communication is not one of them. Communication engages participants more intimately than linking computer files, and moving from hypertext to “hypercomm” will require the infocomm industry to cope with privacy, authentication and trust.…

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Here Comes Trouble: Saving Big Iron in Telecom

A transformation continues to gain momentum in telecom, with software innovation displacing big iron as the primary source of competitive advantage. But in order to have a telco-free nirvana, the infocom industry needs to produce compelling devices that go beyond features and functionality already available from the telcos.…

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