Today in Mobile

The smartphone market gets hotter by the day, but Nokia can’t stop losing ground. The world’s largest handset manufacturer saw its share…

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Has the Window Closed for Android?

Android’s anticipated growth comes as mobile users are rethinking their priorities, slashing their telecom budgets and moving to prepaid. As J.P. Morgan analyst Mike McCormack noted last week (as he downgraded AT&T and Verizon), mobile is undergoing “deteriorating wireless fundamentals, specifically in the higher value postpaid subscriber base”—i.e., smartphone users. If cost-conscious consumers don't respond to Android's late-year push, the platform may not have another chance.…

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Sprint’s Boost a Model for Prepaid Success

The race to lure cost-conscious users with cut-rate prepaid plans is on. Sprint is demonstrating how Tier 1 operators can compete without turning their brands into the mobile equivalent of Wal-Mart. It’s a twist on the old MVNO model, but with the virtual operator serving as a subsidiary of the true operator. Sprint can position itself as the entrenched, familiar player with traditional plans as it attracts penny-pinching users via a separate brand in Boost.…

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Is There a Rosy Future for Microsoft and Verizon?

The Wall Street Journal this week reported that Microsoft and Verizon Wireless are developing a multimedia touchscreen phone slated for release next year. There's some speculation about whether Pink, as the project is dubbed, is a smartphone, a suite of consumer-focused mobile services or simply an unfounded rumor. Regardless of its exact form, if Microsoft isn't already at work on Pink, it should start. Today.…

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Apple Thinks Enterprise Is Ready for the iPhone

This was (yet again) the week of the iPhone. Apple's gotta-have gadget fueled a record non-holiday quarter for Steve Jobs' company (selling 4 million units and generating $1.5 billion in revenue), accounted for more than half of AT&T's new subscribers, and helped the App Store reach its 1 billionth download. So how could the hottest gadget in wireless get any hotter? By conquering business users. And that may be next, if Apple's latest marketing push is any indication.…

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Analyzing the App Store Playground

Make room for another player on the application-store bandwagon. Verizon this week said it is building a storefront for its Hub, a device designed to serve as an Internet-enabled wireless device for the kitchen counter. The carrier joins countless others who offer -- or plan to offer -- app stores, and plenty more are on the way. Apple, whose App Store is nearing the 1 billion-download mark, has dramatically proven the need for a new distribution model for mobile content. But as carriers, OEMS and a host of others join the craze, the big question is, who can catch Steve Jobs?…

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