iPhone 5: To NFC or Not to NFC?

Apple's smartphone competitors almost certainly will include NFC in devices in 2011. The iPhone 5 will reportedly pass on the tech according to a report from earlier this week, but a new source says it could get it after all. Which is it?…

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Which iPad 2 Should You Buy?

With the iPad 2 launch just days away, it's a good time to consider which model you want to buy. You should consider your own usage habits, but also when you plan on upgrading next, and what the resale market will look like when you do.…

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More Evidence That MobileMe Could Soon Be Free

Apple has not only notified resellers that the company is discontinuing sales of the MobileMe retail box, but it has also stopped selling it through the company's online store. Current users can still renew their services, but indications are that MobileMe will soon be free.…

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Is Adobe Flash 10.2 Right for You?

Flash Player 10.2 is beta no more, and the general release promises better performance and less CPU usage through Stage Video. Stage Video provides for "a full hardware accelerated video pipeline," reducing CPU utilization by as much as 85 percent.…

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