Does Apple Even Have a Cloud Strategy?

Despite building a massive data center and the expected launch of cloud-based music storage, the troubled history of Apple's online services suggests the company has yet to come up with a plan for the cloud. How can Apple provide the kind of experience its customers expect?…

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Apple Second Quarter Earnings Preview

With Apple announcing earnings next Wednesday, it's bound to be good news for stockholders. But it's good time to look at what that means for consumers, too. Could the earnings call provide hints about the future of Apple's hardware and software plans?…

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2011: Year of Two iPad 2s?

Despite speculation from reputable sources, 2011 appears to indeed be the year of the iPad 2, not the iPad 2.5, and almost certainly not an iPad 3. But, as Apple has demonstrated in the past, just because something doesn't add up doesn't mean it won't happen.…

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The April Fools of iPad Predictions

While Apple announcing Flash for iOS or a 7-inch iPad might make for humorous copy on April Fools' Day, truth can be just as entertaining. Here's a look at some of the more off-the-mark statements made recently about Apple's ongoing tablet success.…

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100 Million iPhones Later: What’s Next?

After selling 90 million iPhones from 2007 through 2010, an important milestone has almost certainly passed, the sale of the 100 millionth iPhone. Expect a self-congratulatory press release next month, but now is the time for the company to think about the next 100 million iPhones.…

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Original iPads Beginning to Sell Out?

The first generation 16 GB Wi-Fi has disappeared from the clearance section of the Apple Store online, and it probably won't be coming back. Other models could soon follow, meaning discounted prices for new iPads could soon be a thing of the past.…

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