Workstreaming: One Secret of Web Work Success

If you work remotely from your colleagues -- whether you're a telecommuter or a freelancer or entrepreneur joining with other entrepreneurs loosely across geography -- it's helpful to let associates know what you're up to on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis. In the presence of ubiquitous connectivity and absence of facetime, use workstreaming: publishing work-related activities and events to your remote colleagues, usually via RSS but sometimes in other formats and ways.…

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The Big Switch Is a Good Thing

Blogger and journalist Nick Carr, in his new book “The Big Switch,” describes the move to utility computing and argues that it will shrink the workforce, lead to increasing income inequality, and destroy the middle class. But this big switch can also be seen as a good thing, in that the many will benefit by gaining access to opportunities previously reserved for a privileged few.…

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