The design origins of iOS 7

Several of the concepts introduced to iPhone users in iOS 7 were modeled after features developed by competitors scrambling to catch up to Apple's original iPhone breakthrough. Here's a look the inspiration for those features.…

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Diving into iOS 6: The subtle design changes

Apple's announced iOS 6 update is set to bring a lot of changes to its mobile platform, and after using it for a day, I've found plenty of new features Apple didn’t mention in the keynote: mostly design changes, and even a subtle dig at Google.…

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Apple silently updates AirPort Express

Coming in stealthily under the din of our WWDC coverage, Apple today has updated its AirPort Express wireless router. It's redesigned to look more like an Apple TV now, now has AirPlay, and lets you use 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands at the same time.…

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