Introducing “Deep Dive Into AI” In-depth Monthly Reports

Each report examines a current AI technology, describes real-world business applications, provides extensive notes about the product ecosystem, and highlights what’s possible with AI today. Subscribers receive an exhaustive analysis of a key issue in AI, designed to guide and inform enterprise decision-makers interested in, planning for, or already investing in AI.  All reports are driven by GigaOm’s extensive AI research and incorporate survey results from thousands of AI practitioners, all reporting on their current applications of, or plans for, AI in their organizations.

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  • Monthly In-depth AI reports covering pivotal AI topics most important to today’s enterprise leaders.
  • Direct access to the Deep Dive Into AI Team, ready to answer questions and inform ongoing or future-focused AI initiatives.
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2020 Calendar Topics Include:

  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Controlling Bias in AI
  • Legal Liability in AI, Protecting Your Organization
  • Where AI Succeeds and Fails
  • AI and IOT: The Perfect Pair
  • AI and Fraud Detection: Protecting the Enterprise with AI
  • AI Frameworks
  • AI and Network Security
  • AI and Privacy: Gaining Consumer Trust
  • AI on a Chip
  • AI Unicorns to Watch
  • AI and Self-Driving Cars: 2020 and Beyond
  • AI and Facial Recognition: Practical Applications for the Future
  • AI – US vs China vs ROW
  • AI and Content Curation

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