2018 Angel Investment Forecast and Monthly Start-up Challenge

The Gigaom founding team is made up of lifetime entrepreneurs, so no surprise, we are super bullish about 2018.

One theme is constant: bright and ambitious entrepreneurs create new opportunities everyday by mapping rapidly advancing innovation to today’s challenges.

The theme is so powerful that is often hard to imagine what new businesses will be born. As investors, it is important to suspend disbelief and dream with the founders about their improved world view. What truth do they see that isn’t fully grasped by the general population? What does success look like if everything goes right?

In 2017, the exponential force of entrepreneurship continued to expand around the globe as “start-up know-how” continues to be democratized by blogs, conferences, and most importantly, by larger exits ($100M+) all over the world, which recycle gains into local start-up ecosystems. Successful local entrepreneurs inspire new founders on what is possible in their area. Additionally, they mentor and invest in these new entrepreneurs and start a powerful reinforcing flywheel.

At Gigaom, we plan to showcase a start-up each month from around the world that is harnessing accelerating technology in new ways to have a big impact on society.

We hope you share our optimism for 2018 and look forward to hearing from you. 

David Hehman, Start-up & VC Editor

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