ITW 2017: Aqua Comms Looks to Maximize Cross Atlantic Connectivity

Chicago, ITW 2017: Undersea connectivity provider Aqua Comms is looking to shake up the world of cross Atlantic connectivity by introducing subsea fibre optic networks that traverse different routes. Based in Ireland, Aqua Comms came into existence to meet an underserved market, one that is experiencing phenomenal growth. Aqua Comms CEO Nigel Bayliff told GigaOM “We are seeing that the fastest growing data market is the one supporting Europe to North America connectivity.”

With that in mind, Aqua Comms set out to meet that exploding need for communications and deployed three new undersea cables, but with an added twist, the company built enhanced security into the equation by routing cables away from shipping and fishing areas to avoid accidental cable damage. What’s more, the company has also focused on having the most secure landfalls to protect connectivity even further. While security and reliability can be credited for helping AquaComms grow, there are multiple other reasons for connectivity growth.

Bayliff attributes many factors to the company’s growth, as well as the increase in traffic being carried. “More and more enterprises are looking for more efficient ways to connect and enhance connectivity between north America and Europe” Bayliff said.

Bayliff added “not so surprisingly, much of the demand is being generated by the growth of the cloud, as well as enterprises moving towards digital transformation. Both of which are demanding low latency and increased bandwidth.”

However, it is not just typical or expected business needs that are driving the need for more connectivity and increased capacities. Bayliff said, “Data center connectivity has become a big driving factor, thanks to the rapid growth of data centers in Ireland, which in its own right is becoming a major player in the data center space.”

While numerous companies are looking at the advantages offered by Irish data centers, another issue comes to mind. “Content providers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are taking an active role in subsea networks, and those companies have become major capacity buyers of various submarine systems.” Said Bayliff

One thing is certain, growing data needs will drive connectivity and companies such as Aqua Comms must rise to the surface to offer undersea connectivity that matters.