Report: Smart Grid Data Analytics: A New Approach for Utilities

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The New Smart Grid Players: Korea, Japan, China, Oh My!
Smart Grid Data Analytics: A New Approach for Utilities by Bob Lockhart:
Smart grid data analytics are a key sector of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), with the potential to help utilities address key operational, financial, and customer challenges. Leveraging the large volumes of data created by the smart grid, along with information available through third-party data services, these solutions are made possible by modern technological developments that allow the integration, processing, and analysis of multiple sources of data quickly, at unprecedented scale.

Software-as-a-Service and managed services make it possible to implement solutions rapidly and at lower cost than traditional, on-premises software implementations. For maximum success, utilities must clearly define problem sets, data source requirements, and the employees who could best make actionable use of data-driven insights.

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