2016 Workforce Communications Narrative

I’m announcing a few upcoming report projects from Gigaom in the next few days. One is the long-awaited 2016 Workforce Communications Narrative:

Workforce communications is a class of message-centric work technology that is principally geared toward the modern mobile workforce, especially geared toward enabling communications between workers in retail, manufacturing, transport, security, and construction. These are mobile-first applications, although they also support other enterprise functions, but with an emphasis on the efficient functioning of the mobile worker, often working outside the typical workplace, and in particular, often without access to PCs. They incorporate elements of messaging, chat, social media, and file sharing, as well as more workforce specific capabilities like shift scheduling, calendaring, task management, and other functional tools.

Here’s where workforce communications fits in the broad spectrum of work technologies (note that the chart below does not include all work technologies, just a few categories):

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.19.25 AM

We will be scheduling briefings with vendors in the space — including Avaamo, Fieldwire, Lua, Red E App, Sitrion One, and Zinc (formerly Cotap) — in the coming weeks. If you are the representative of another vendor, please contact me.

I am also looking to work with at least one other analyst on this report, so please contact me (@stoweboyd) if you are interested and you have a background in work technology and analysis.