Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ event wish list: iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, & a worthy Apple TV update

iOS is better than Apple TV

Apple TV

Streaming, offline storage, all-inclusive sports packages, torrent sites, YouTube, smartphones and tablets are all helping to deconstruct the entertainment industry. In the midst of all this change, the biggest Apple TV news of the past few years has been a price drop. We wish for much more.

More And Better Content (Odds: 75%)

Despite the botched Apple Music launch, it points the way to a single streaming video service where users pay a monthly fee and have both streaming and offline access to a massive catalog of programs, pretty much everything except porn.

Along with a new hard drive, there are solid rumors Apple is cutting deals for film & television content and even creating their own content. These efforts are likely to push Hollywood closer towards an Apple Music-like business model.

The rumors that Apple is trying to get broadcast networks to run their content through Apple TV are not likely to bear fruit anytime soon.

Hey, Siri (Odds: 75%)

Asking Siri what’s on television seems gimmicky, but wait till developers get access to Siri and the Apple TV SDK. We expect this to happen and believe it will enable fun new ways of interacting with television content.

Ask Siri to display the film director’s IMDB profile on the right side of the screen, for example, or display a satellite map of the real location the fictional program is set in.

This will require a Apple TV remote with Siri built inside, which we expect to happen.

Star Connect (Odds: 25%)

When Apple launched Apple Music they also launched Connect, a closed community that lets DJs and musicians connect with fans. We hope this idea gets ported to Apple TV, with the biggest stars in film and television able to create their own Connect channel.

One More Thing: Gaming (Odds: 25%)

The rumored price of $199 with a 16gig hard drive, faster processor, improved UI, and TV app store are plenty. We may even get a universal search feature that finds content across all services, such as Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go. It’s also possible the new Apple TV will let viewers use their iTunes ID for authentication across every subscription service.

But the “one more thing” at this year’s keynote may be that Apple TV becomes Apple’s long-awaited entry into the gaming console market.

This will require an Apple TV app store, an Apple TV hard drive, and developer access to Apple TV. These are all extremely likely. There are also multiple rumors that the new Apple TV remote will also work as a motion-sensitive remote control.

The game controller-like remote rumors are not confirmed and there is no proven casual gaming market for people standing or sitting in front of a television.

Your turn

What are you wishing for Apple to announce at the event? Let us know in the comments.

(Hurry! You don’t have much time.)