Aether adds multi-room functionality to its Cone speaker

San Francisco-based IoT-startup Aether Things has beefed up its Aether Cone speaker with some additional features: Cone users can now play music on multiple speakers at the same time, Sonos-style, and a firmware update is also bringing Bluetooth connectivity to the Cone.

The $400 speaker is supposed to learn from your listening habits and compile music on the fly. So far, though, it doesn’t look as if many people have actually bought a Cone. The company’s Android app, which isn’t required to use the Cone but helps with set-up and control, has been downloaded between 50 and 100 times, according to Google Play.

Aether is competing in an increasingly crowded market. On the loudspeaker front, there’s the industry leader Sonos, but also connected speakers from LG, Sony, Denon and others. But as a smart connected device that can be controlled with voice commands, the Cone also competes with [company]Amazon[/company]’s Echo, which offers a lot of additional functionality.