Mobile recap: Pebble Time; Pixel 2 coming; Apple Watch questions

After selling one million of its original Pebble watches, the company is zigging when the competition is zagging. Pebble Time is the next product in the line, and while it adds new features and a new interface, the watch isn’t likely to be confused with either an Android Wear or Apple Watch.

pebble time timeline

That’s because Pebble Time is a gently improved watch that doesn’t sacrificing the original product’s of core strengths. It still has an e-paper display and should run for a week on a charge, for example. Pebble Time will also still work with both [company]Apple[/company] iOS and [company]Google[/company] Android handsets; there’s been some chatter and evidence of Windows Phone support, but it’s still not coming from Pebble.

So what’s new and better with Pebble Time? The device is a little wider but thinner and has a color e-paper screen. It also has a microphone for responding to notifications or dictating quick notes. And the software uses a timeline to help you manage your days, even though all of the old Pebble apps and watchfaces will still be available. Clearly, this package resounded well: Pebble Time has already surpassed its original then-record funding amount on Kickstarter and has raised nearly $11.5 million at time of writing.

While we have all of the details on Pebble Time, we don’t have the same for the Apple Watch. That’s likely to change soon, however: Apple is holding a press event on March 9, where it’s expected to launch the watch with shipping to follow in April.

Apple Watch launch event

Even though I attended the September event that introduced us to Apple Watch last year, I’m waiting for Apple to show off some additional features that will make the device a compelling purchase. I see much potential in Apple Watch but not yet a “killer feature” or must-have application. Google Now on the wrist is that feature for some with Android Wear; Siri isn’t there yet but perhaps she’ll get an upgrade soon.


One device that is getting an upgrade is Google’s Chromebook Pixel. Google confirmed that a new model is coming soon, although no details have been provided yet. I outlined my thoughts this week: Expect few if any changes on the outside of the Chromebook Pixel 2; instead, look for a new fifth-generation Intel chip and some radio upgrades. Hopefully, we see a price drop as well, although I’m leery that will happen.